Eggtooth are really interested in the students that are often overlooked.
They may lack confidence, be quiet, or loud and not always self-aware or able to self regulate. They may be struggling with their health both physically and mentally. These are the students that may just be coasting along and not signalling to anyone. These are the 45% of students that under achieve by the the age of 16 and the majority of these students are in receipt of free school meals or have been at some stage in the last 6 years.
We have proved that by introducing this type of student to safe, fun, and challenging sessions and experiences, led by safe, fun and challenging adults they will be brave, take risks and excel in and out of school.
In the area of Hastings and St Leonards there is a much higher than average amount of families in receipt of free school meals, meaning higher than average levels of economic deprivation. What this can present to a school is lower than expected academic attainment, attendance issues and behavioural problems when engaging in learning within the school. The outcomes for pupils in receipt of FSM are significantly lower than their peers.


Our methodology is based on relational work.

It is a term used in the therapeutic world for a way of working with a client and it is how we work at Eggtooth.

Relational work refers to the interpersonal level of communication (Locher, 2006), and describes the ‘work’ that individuals invest in negotiating relationships with others

We have always worked this way – the TA (Transactional Analysis) model of
‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ summarises our approach to working with young people and why we get the results we do.

We operate from a boundaried, professional position whilst keeping the relationship with the young people at the very heart of everything we do.

Unconditional positive regard.

The reason we can do this:
We are professionally trained to work this way
We have the time to do it
We are committed to the results.