The Eggtooth project aims to offer the highest quality experiences to children, young people families and the wider community of Hastings. It focusses on the importance of high quality therapy, excellent creative learning opportunites and hands on employabilty skills training. We know the blend of all of these 3 aspects are the ingredients needed for a healthy, confident and fullfilling life.



What we really love doing is working with schools and organisations to create the best courses.
Some of the best work we have done has been co – created with the schools or organisations we have worked with. The reason we like working like this is that it tests our creativity, creates stronger relationships and our partners are then truly invested in the work.
So if you need something specific for an individual, group, or family get in touch and we can get together and make something really good happen.


Summer Schools

Summer Schools are a brilliant way for year 7 students to really get to know their new school and it is a great opportunity to meet new teachers and staff and make friends in a fun and educational environment.
All students do something they love and try something new. The 5 disciplines they all experience are Team Sport, Team Create, Team Forest, Team Cook and Team Perform. All of our Team Leaders and practitioners are local and we really love the fact that we have such amazing talent and experience on our doorstep.