Laura Dunton Clarke

I have been working in and around the Arts and Education sector for almost 20 years. Having trained in Acting and Theatre Studies I have performed and directed in several venues including ¬†Shakespeare’s Globe, the London Fringe Shakespeare Festivals in The US and a UK National tour.
I have also been a co-director for previous companies working in the field of Social Care and an organisation involved with Equine Guided learning.
Currently in my clinical training as a Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapist, I have a passion for enabling people to discover more about themselves and their lives. Along with the creative aspects of Eggtooth, the therapeutic side has helped many young people, parents and families discover great things about them selves and their relationships.
As well as co-directing The Eggtooth Project I recently joined a local consortium as a Partnership Manager, overseeing training delivered to council staff.
I have lived in Hastings for 12 years with my daughter and am a huge fan of the town. Along with my co-directors I am very proud to be working along side some extremely talented and lovely people.